Eclipse 500 Parts Sales

We have an inventory of brand new parts & tooling to service the Eclipse 500. This inventory is also available for purchase in its entirety.

Please contact our purchasing department:
604.270.1107 – Ext. 3598

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Part NumberDescriptionQty. Avail.Price Each - (CAD)
067-16100 Spacer, Axle1$
101-29700 Packing, Main Wheel1$
175265-04Eclipse 500, 2 Mask Auto-Deployment1$
214-00200Bearing, Cone1$
38013600Cable Assembly, Door Support1$
40-432Wheel, Nose, Assembly1$
JT-1W Trailing Discharger2$
NAS1291C4M Nut, Self Lock Steel (NAS1291C4M)3$
NAS8703-4 - Pos: Bolt (NAS8703-4)10$
81004-10 Light, Landing, R/H1$
81004-9 Light, Landing, L/H1$
13764-2 - SN: 390 GPS-SBAS Receiver (Eclipse 500)1$
3111843-01 Filter, Oil Element (Eclipse 500)1$
84001-16 Light, Wingtip NAV, R/H (Eclipse 500)1$
AS3510-0218KCable Safety2$
AS3510-02F Ferrule-Safety Cable, .046x.105x.1604$
ST3414-01Cable-ground, Braided2$
32T104910-MIT-001Adaptor, Jack1$
ADA500MD-945Air Data Kit1$
01-1298-0000Tronair Tow Bar1$
421502Thermometer, Type J/K Differential Tester1$